n November 16th, 2008, Tom Wilson survived a violent and devastating plane crash, witnessing the death of 7 of his friends and co-workers. Tom has a unique and unlikely story of survival from that day, but his story does not end there. After a long and difficult physical and emotional recovery, Tom made it his passion to understand the actions and behaviors, including his own, that allowed the crash to happen. In April of 2015, Tom published his book “Moments of Im- pact” and launched a public speaking career on behavioral safety. “Moments of Impact” is a gripping and visceral ac- count of Tom’s survival story but also focuses on the many different aspects of his physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery, exploring the actions and behaviors of the pilot and passengers alike, which all contributed to this tragic and very preventable loss of life. Tom identifies the reasons behind his personal lack of pre- ventative action as well as the actions and behaviors of the others on the fateful flight, including the pilot. Tom focusses on: Pressure; both internal and external and how pressure affects decision making The difference between Bravery and Courage Risk Tolerance and the 10 factors that contribute to a person’s tolerance for risk. Since the launch of his book Tom has captivated many dif- ferent audiences, from front line workers to senior executives all over North America and Asia. Tom’s powerful talk inspires understanding of human behaviors, both in and out of the workplace, causing change, ultimately mak- ing the world a safer place.

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“Understand behaviour, personify courage and inspire change to make the world a safer place for all.”